Nile Projects & Trading Company was founded in 1972 as a small family business owned by Ossama El-Naggar and later grew into an Egyptian holding company formally established in 1985, after a partnership with local Egyptian-owned Nile Bank. Since then, Nile Projects has grown in a wide range of industries, with a specialisation in foreign-based brand holdings.

Today the company has a staff of over 2500 employees and has established itself as one of the most trusted and successful names in the Middle East in a variety of fields, including fashion, automotive, fast food and real estate.......Read more

Our History

Since its foundation in 1972 and later incorporation in 1985, Nile Projects & Trading Co. has witnessed many transformations in the business range, products and services which the company offers.Through more than 40 years of experience in trading, Nile Projects & Trading Co. has provided its customers with an extensive range of innovative services in products in the field of automotive, fashion retail and real estate..........See Our Timeline


Mission and Vission

Our Vision: Nile Projects plans on expanding its brand portfolio in the Fashion Retail and F&B sectors by adding more points of sale as well as increasing the brand variety in its portfolio. This will be done by focusing on well-known international brand names targeting the upscale market. Nile Projects is constantly on the lookout for potential opportunities in the automotive space and in other industries outside its current field of operation, and has plans to enter the oil distribution market as well as the car distribution market, allowing it to become a regional conglomerate dominating several industries.....Read More