Why Nile Projects?

A position at Nile Projects offers not just an attractive salary, great working conditions, supportive management and motivated colleagues. It goes much further. Nile Projects has a proven track record, going from success to success. Become part of a company that values each individual, nurtures their talents, develops their skills, and gives an opportunity to grow. There is a world of opportunity for ambitious young people with a thirst for making their own mark, as part of a dynamic group.

What makes Nile Projects stand out?

It fosters a policy of transparency, harmony, diligence and integration within the community. There is a supportive management structure dedicated not only to maintain a path of dynamic growth for the company, but also to ensuring that growth is reflected in job creation for the community around them. Nile Projects considers its people as an investment for the future. Maybe that is why the milestones keep building up.

What are we looking for?

We are a future-looking, growth-oriented organization. People who work for us must share that drive, show passion and dedication, and be prepared to develop their knowledge and skills by utilizing the many opportunities a position in Nile Projects offers. Any successful candidate will be self-motivated, yet able to work productively within a dynamic team. English and/or other European language skills would be considered an asset for most positions, in addition to a diploma, undergraduate or higher degree from an accredited institute of study.