Moving Business and Society Forward

Successful businesses thrive through being part of a greater entity, the community they serve. Nile Projects has an ongoing involvement in many community activities, supporting initiatives to further health and wellbeing, road safety standards and aid to the less privileged.

At Nile Projects we aim to create a positive impact by our presence and operations in local communities. Our ultimate goal is to provide and facilitate a safe means for transport and thus our efforts are directed towards reducing accident rates by creating awareness and educating the public........Read More

In Focus


The Nile Projects initiative with the Social Development Fund has been created to enable young entrepreneurs to open their own tire service centers by franchising the Kawetchagy brand. The goal is to encourage Egyptian youth to start up and operate their own business by undergoing our intensive training program along with the support and mentorship of our franchise team. 


Social Responsibilty

Egypt’s traffic and road mortality rate is double the international average rate according to the WHO, with more than 17000 deaths annually and 55000 injuries. Not only does this affect road safety, it has also created a negative impact on national tourism.

While not all these accidents are due to tire maintenance, At Nile Projects we take this social responsibility and recognize the importance of our role in helping solve the roots of the problem. 

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